Liar’s Disclaimer

Let me be the first to admit…I am a proficient liar. Because I write under a pen name, I will freely admit it.

That being said, I sometimes write slightly scientific and/or informative pieces about human culture and nature. My wife, the beautiful and scholarly flower that she is, is of the opinion that I should utilize some manner of citation in my writing, whether to lend it credibility or simply to acknowledge my source.

I have no loyalty in either direction and have no interest in providing citations. If it occurs to me, I will provide you, the reader, with enough information that you can find the source the same way I did. Who knows, you might learn something in the process.

I’m not saying I’ll lie to you, but I’m also realistic enough to know better than to promise not to.

The fact is, citation means nothing, in the bigger picture, and lends an image of credibility that has no true value if the cited sources are not accessed and investigated. So I’ll leave you a clue, and if you’re interested, then feel free to follow it.

Or feel free to ask where it came from.

Or feel free to call bullshit on me. I’m married. I’m used to it. Ha.


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